Ashley Gellar Looks Awesome in Green Mesh

I don’t expect you’re gonna read the whole thing, but let me paste Ashley Gellar’s biography: “Biography Wow, how is life summed up in a paragraph? I was born in Dunedin, FL on January 28, 1984 and grew up in Palm Harbor. As a child my life was very “storybook,” attending private school, performing in dance recitals, and playing in tree houses with the neighborhood kids. I was a great kid, always getting perfect grades, playing soccer everyday, and staying out of trouble; though high school and college did get a little wild…I graduated a year early from Palm Harbor University High School and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in News Broadcasting at the University of South Florida in Tampa by the age of 20. I moved to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY after graduating to do commercial real estate in the Fashion District. Though the “Sex in the City” lifestyle was exciting, life seemed to pass too quickly and I yearned for the slower, more relaxing pace in the sunshine. I came back a year later to get my real estate license in FL and start doing real estate down here. Juggling real estate and modeling keeps things exciting. Modeling is not only a hobby but it has become a huge passion of mine and I fit it in any chance I get. My zest for life gets stronger every day that goes by, and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting just around the corner!! Life isn’t an obligation or an event in your planner. It’s exciting, it’s unpredictable, and it’s all about enjoying the ride”



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