2 thoughts on “Alexis Adams in pink Panties”

  1. Alexis,
    Wow, I have been looking at women on this site daily for a long time. I just watched the video of you masturbating.OMG… I came with you. That is the hottest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for being you and sharing you with me.God do I wish I was there

  2. I loved Alexis, she was a rare creature of supreme beauty and a joyous creation of the utmost excellence, However i worship women of natural beauty, without the need or desire for surgical enhancement, and the discusting disfigurement of revolting tattoos that ruins the most gorgeous of models. Unfortunately Alexis decided to go under the knife, a massive error of judgement which in my opinion destroyed the perfection she was born with, and yet so often creates a false and clumsy, often ridiculous result, she has gone from being delicate and lovely, to being nothing more than an oversized and ridiculous image of what goes down well in the world of porn, yet again money and the greed to get it, will always have women queuing to purchase what they believe looks good, but in reality looks lousy false and laughable.

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