Anabella Marie – Coed of the Week

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Playboy: Why did you choose comparative studies?
Anabella: It’s a humanities major with a business focus which allows me to take the serious… business courses, but also the literature and history classes that I love. I am a “people person” and I enjoy working with diverse groups.

Playboy: Do you follow Ohio State sports?
Anabella: Of course I do! I’m a Buckeye. Mirror Lake Jump and Michigan Week are always the most phenomenal sporting events. Thousands of students jump in a freezing lake in the middle of November. It’s never boring when you’re a Buckeye!

Playboy: Are you ready for life after college?
Anabella: I have a lot of plans, and they change frequently. I don’t think any plan in life really works out the way you want it to, so I’d rather learn to “react” instead of “plan.” But I have high hopes for law school someday.



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